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Rhythmic Academy of Los Angeles was formed in 2011 as an elite Rhythmic Gymnastics training center to offer competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics training, Classical Ballet and Choreography, Dance Programs, Sports Conditioning, Rhythmic Intensive Summer Camp and Youth Fitness programs. In less than 5 years our club has become one of the top Rhythmic Gymnastics competitive programs in the United States. We attract and hire the best and most competitive coaches and have developed many State, Regional and National champion gymnast.

Our business model is simple... have the best and most experienced coaches, set the highest training standards, study and understand the rules, review and implement the most effective training systems, create a positive, safe and effective training environment and demand discipline and accountability from coaches, athletes and parents.

Our Olympic caliber training model is based on Eastern European methods that historically has developed Olympic and World Champions. We develop the athlete on every level; technically, physically, artistically, physiologically and emotionally. Most important create a fun, safe and memorable athletic experience.

The Training Center is conveniently located in Van Nuys, CA right off the 405 Freeway and Rosco Blvd in the heart of San Fernando Valley. Features 12,000 square gymnasium 40-foot ceiling with 3 full size Rhythmic Gymnastics carpets, mirrors and two ballet and dance training rooms.

If you are looking for a serious program that can offer your daughter a proper training facility, advanced Rhythmic Gymnastics technique and competitive level support then consider Rhythmic Academy of Los Angeles as your ideal choice.

About Us Club Facility Camp Programs Coaching Staff Customer Reviews Camp Registration
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