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Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport of beauty and grace, strength, flexibility, endurance and apparatus mastery. Our main goal of Rhythmic Intensive Summer Camp is to offer an in-depth studying and mastery of ALL the basics (theoretical and practical fundamentals) of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Everyday disciplines will include:

Advanced Russian Ballet Training & Choreography - Our ballet intensive program is for professional Rhythmic Gymnasts of all levels and with wide arrange of ballet skills, starting from beginners to advanced athletes. All girls will be auditioned according to their age, skills and gymnastics level, and form small team groups, so each and every girl would get as much from the program as possible. Our goal is to teach athletes to be able to consciously use correct ballet technique in sport and to give them knowledge of proper execution methods of every ballet movement; to know all expressive means of ballet.

Body Development and Strength Training - a series of exercises on the floor or together with apparatus that are targeted at an improvement of physical qualities of an athlete - work on turnouts, legs strength, feet stretching, back, arms, shoulders flexibility, as well as working out all the body muscles to sustain the muscle flexibility as well as the muscle tone.

Advanced Rhythmic Gymnastics Element Mastery - working on the elements of each group according to the athlete’s level. Groups will rotate among all coaches to get maximum training benefit and trade secrets from every coach. All athletes will receive a training binder with a detailed Element Chart, a body development and conditional guide and other useful information to help them learn the methodology of each element, so they would be able to work on them without supervision, knowing the mistakes and troubleshooting of each element. Execution of elements in all kind of varieties and combinations from simple to difficult levels, with and without apparatus, applying these elements in routines that athlete will have to make by themselves and which they will show at the final performance.

Jumps Series, Pivots Series, Balances Series, Flexibility Series

Advanced Mastery of Equipment Handling with Technical Tricks - The goal is to achieve flawless and organic apparatus handling, creating the semblance of ease, simplicity and lightness. Work on ALL kinds of apparatus, irrespective of the level requirements, but based on the skill level of an athlete, developing from simple handling to technical tricks. Work on coordination of apparatus by itself and together with the body elements. Cultivating of PROPER handling technique, learning physics laws that work with throws, and discovering secrets of the perfect catch. Creating routines based on the received knowledge.

Extreme Stretching - is aimed to improve an athlete’s flexibility using productive methods of stretching - legs, shoulders, hips, arms and back. Stretching comes together with the intensive work out on stretched muscles, because the goal is not only to stretch, but also to SUSTAIN this stretch, explaining of proper stretching tricks and implementation of them in body elements.

Body Conditioning & Cardio Fitness - 30 to 60 minutes) - Intensive running and the series of exercises with/without weights to improve the endurance of an athlete, proper breathing technique and body strength.

Acting & Show Theatrics - this class is closely intertwined with Ballet/Choreography training. Rhythmic Gymnasts are performers by nature and they should know how to express emotion of each routine through the body language and face expression, so they could take all audience with them and capture them throughout this journey. In this class we will look for precise, natural, substantial, expressive poses, gestures, positions that will conform to one or another emotional statement that athletes will be able to use in their routines or any choreographic etudes. Training will include: Elements of Stanislavsky acting method, studying of muscle tension in different emotional tasks, plastique and mime, development of action and work on characters, psychological freedom and attention, using of imagination and fantasy.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Education Classes Sports Psychology, Goal Setting and Time Management Techniques for Athletes - Our professional Psychologist will spend quality time with students, both in small groups and individual workshop sessions to help athletes with psychological and emotional aspects while training and taking parts in competitions. The sessions will include: studying of suppression and how it reflects on training and performances (fear, uncertainty etc.) and it’s troubleshooting; how to set goals and how to achieve them; how to manage time to its best benefit; motivation and visualization exercises and much more.

Nutrition Education - includes healthy meal preparation by athletes, proper diet and weight management, cooking contests and nutritional tips and snacks.

Rhythmic Gymnastics History Class - how the sport was born and developed, biographies of world champions and their stories of success.

JO Code of Points and Score Cards Instructions - learning how to read the signs and the score cards, how the points are calculated and how to make a card by yourself.

Viewing Class - athletes will watch motivational and inspirational movies about Rhythmic Gymnastics, Videos of Routines, and Instructional Videos. Discussion and analyses will be followed right after the viewing class.

Equipment Decoration Techniques - athletes will have a chance to decorate their own equipment the way the want and take part in the contest for the best decorated equipment.

Show Make-up Techniques - athletes will learn how to properly bun their hair and apply performance make-up to bring out facial features and WOW judges.

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