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We’ve assembles a great team of world class coaches and instructors, and developed a complete Rhythmic Gymnastics training curriculum.

Our camp goal is to develop the athlete on every level... technically, physically, artistically, physiologically and emotionally. Most important create a fun, safe and memorable summer experience.

We currently have 15 coaches and guest instructors on staff including Galyna Shyrkina Gorbis the 2005 World Championship silver medalist and one of the top coaches in America, Alina Maksymenko 2-time Olympian and World Championship Bronze Medalis, Russian National Champion Ellina Tregubova, 2 X Olympian and World Champion Natalia Godunko and many other highly accredited coaches and instructors.

A maximum of 8 to 10 athletes (by age and skill level) will be assigned to a team and each group will rotate among all coaches through the camp curriculum to get maximum training benefit. Each curriculum class will last between 45 to 60 minutes.


Galyna Shyrkina Gorbis (Head Coach)

Ukrainian National Champion and Silver Medalist at the 2005 World Championships and winner of many national & international competitions. Galyna is currently one of the top elite level coaches in the United States and the head coach of Rhythmic Academy of Los Angeles.

Ellina Tregubova (Russia)

Russian National Champion and former member of the Russian National Team, participating and prizewinning in numerous World Cup Championships and international competition. Ellina is a master at teaching equipment handling skills and developing high level routines.

Alina Maksymenko (Ukraine)

2 X Olympian and World Champion Bronze Medalist Alina Maksymenko is considered one of the most technically skilled and artistically gifted Rhythmic Gymnast in the history of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Natalia Godunko (Ukraine)

2 X Olympian and World Champion Natalia Godunko is considered one of the best and most technically skilled Rhythmic Gymnast that has ever competed in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Melitina Staniouta (Belarus)

3-time World Championships all-around bronze medalist & two-time Olympian in London & Rio, Melintina is one of the most decorated and highly skilled Rhythmic Gymnast in the sports history. She will be teaching advance apparatus handling and mastery skills.

Galina Beloglazovav (USSR/Russia)

The 1983 World All-around silver medallist and inductee in to FIG Hall of Fame, Mrs. Beloglazova bring to our program immense knowledge and decades of world class coaching experience. A master Yoga instructor she formulated a unique training system to fuse Yoga fitness with elite level Rhythmic Gymnastics training.

Alina Kuyevda (Ukraine)

International Master of Sport and prize winner of many national and international competitions, Alina travels all over the word working with elite national level gymnast and national teams. Currently working with the Ukrainian National team at Deriugina School of Rhythmic gymnastics in Kiev Ukraine.

Elmira Bululukova (Uzbekistan)

Former member of the Uzbekistan National Team (Individual & senior group) and an Olympic reserve coach with over 26 years coaching experience.

Sasha Afinskaya (Russia - Ballet)

One of the top Russian ballet and choreography instructors in the United States. Highly knowledgeable, professional, creative and resourceful Ballet Teacher with over 14 years teaching experience.

Svetlana "OR" Totaev (Israel)

7 x Israeli National Champion, member of Israeli National Team, 2000 Olympian (Sydney) & winner of many national & international competitions. Svetlana is a master at developing flexibility & body skills.

Zefi Meleti (Greece)

Former member of the Greek National Team (Individual & Group), 10 X Greek National Champion, 1994 World Championships finalist (8th Place - Group), 5th @ 1995 European Championships (Group). A high level coach with over 10 years coaching experience.

Nicole Mezheritsky (USA)

Level 9 California State Champion and Member of the Region 1 Junior Olympic team, prize winner and Grand Champion of many local, state and national competitions.

Yelena Gerasimova (Russia)

A high level Rhythmic Gymnastics coach with over 23 years coaching experience. Between 1972 and 1978 Mrs. Gerasimova was a member of the powerful Soviet National Team, participating and prizewinning in numerous World Cup Championships and international competition.

Katrine Mezheritsky (USA)

Level 6 US National Champion and member of the 2016 Level 8 Region 1 Junior Olympics All-Star Team, prize winner and Grand Champion of many local, state and national competitions.

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